Why Not Hire An Interim CPO Or Director Product Now? (1/6 Company Services)

Interim CPO? Interim management as a solution for specific situations has gotten traction by now. Perhaps not as much in the product management space yet. We are not talking about freelancing as a product owner, designer, programmer, etc., but about bridging a gap in a management role.

Interim Management - Positioning
Characteristics of interim management

Typical company challenges calling for an Interim (Product) Manager

  1. You have an open position (CPO, VP Product, Director Product, Head of Product, or the like), but there is either no final candidate closed yet or the new person cannot join right away and you need to bridge the time until then.
  2. You want to boost an important project and there is a (current) shortage of resources and you don’t want to ramp up permanent resources at this stage.
  3. You want to inject top notch product leadership knowledge to your (product) organization (consultancy & interim management combined).
  4. For all of those, there is a time criticality and you cannot afford to wait:
    • Critical go-to-market of a new product or speed of setup of a new team.
    • Team leadership vacuum resulting in increased uncertainty and people resigning in your Product Team.

The SPLSG Solution

Most importantly, only highly experienced and qualified SPLSG partners work as interim managers for you. SPLSG partners have a unique combination of leadership experience. They have worked as interim managers, freelancers & as employed managers. An example is Jörg Malang‘s career portfolio as illustrated below.

Jörg Malang Professional Portfolio - graphical overview
Professional portfolio Jörg Malang

Our interim managers are typically available short term. In addition to that, there is no need to commit to any duration. It could be for only one day or for a couple of months/quarters. Also, you can have your interim manager onsite or remote.

Please reach out to us via Email, or give Jörg a call directly on +44 7441 392876 if you need help urgently. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Interim Product Management – Available Also Short Term! (1/6 Company Services)

Interim management – available immediately!

Interim Product Management is typically only for Product Owner or Product Manager freelancers. But if you as a company urgently need support in covering open hires on “Head of” or “Director” level? Or you need someone to set up a world-class Product Team in your company and then hand over to a permanent person in such a role?

Please read more about SPLSG Company Service Interim Management here.

SPLSG partners are available short term for as long as you need them – please reach out! Typical situations might be:

  • The recruitment of a product leader is taking longer than expected
  • There is a phase until the new hire will join the company
  • An existing product leader needs support with the setup and ways of working of the Product Team
  • Your company wants to push a new initiative and then integrate it to “business as usual”
  • Challenges related to Digital Transformation of any kind

Interim Product Management – Might this be a solution to your current challenge? Then we should talk ASAP! Please send us an Email.