Senior Product Leadership Group – What we do

Focus areas of SPLSG - graphical overview
Focus areas of SPLSG – overview

1. Set up and operate the Senior Product Leadership Group (SPLSG). SPLSG is an exclusive forum. It offers Product Management relevant knowledge and insights to its Members. Most importantly, SPLSG focuses on:

General Management Skills & Leadership Ability

2. Establish SPLSG as a point of reference for personal branding of its Members.

3. Enable SPLSG to create personal opportunities for its Members.

General Management Skills are extremely relevant to Product Leaders. Above all, they need to be able to influence the strategy of the company. Based on this, it is their role to support implementation. However, this needs to happen on the Management Level. For that reason, it is vital for them to be familiar with the mechanics outside Product Management.

Leadership Ability becomes essential for success. In other words, Product Leaders need to be able to influence their peers and their management. This is beyond the “normal” remit of leadership.

The Senior Product Leadership Group helps build the foundation for Product Leaders. But try searching for relevant information on Google if you feel this is being addressed already. Certainly, you will realize that there is a need to close this gap. The SPLSG is there for Product Leaders to help. Please don’t hesitate to become a member. Alternatively, let’s have a chat. Above all, we are keen on understanding your specific personal situation!