Being a Product Leader – Our Members & Our Ambassadors

Every product leader should be an SPLSG member. They have product related experience and they are product management professionals. Upon application, SPLSG checks their qualification. Every new applicant needs to explain why she/he qualifies as an SPLSG member. This is to ensure consistent quality. Typically, SPLSG members have significant product management and product leadership experience.

Globe SPLSG Members
SPLSG members come from all over the world

On the other hand, our members need to have ambition. For example, general management and lateral leadership matter a lot to them. In other words, our members are at the heart of the vision:

Every organization defines, builds, launches and operates their product(s) successfully”

SPLSG Ambassadors

Ambassadors are SPLSG members who are actively supporting the idea in their local environments. They actively contribute to the community by doing the following:

  1. Represent SPLSG in their respective local area.
  2. Promote SPLSG events.
  3. Challenge & support SPLSG partners from content & organizational perspective.
  4. Contact & convince product leaders to join SPLSG as members.

There will be ambassadors in all major cities, starting with Berlin. We will publish a list of cities and persons as soon as it is available.