Jörg Malang – The Initiator & Founding Partner

Jörg Malang
Jörg Malang

Jörg Malang got the idea to set up a partnership many years ago. However, it has only grown little by little. On the one hand, LinkedIn is too broad and not focused enough, and on the other hand, it always was a challenge to gain traction with clients and/or organizations, above all gaining traction in the sense of the SPLSG Vision

“Every organization defines, builds, launches & operates their product(s) successfully.” 

As a result, Product Leaders need to have a forum where they can inspire each other, a place where they can learn fundamental basics around General Management and Leadership. Even more, Jörg was encouraged to initiate this Group by multiple Product Professionals who wanted to join the SPLSG Mission.

“Enable Senior Product Leaders to define, build, launch, and operate products in the best possible way.”

As a result, the structure of SPLSG is three-fold:

  • SPLSG Partners: Partners make a lot of difference for the Group. Read more here!
  • SPLSG Members: Members are probably the most important, therefore you should understand more who they are and if becoming a Member might be relevant for you.
  • Associates: Associates engage on LinkedIn and learn more about SPLSG there.

More from Jörg Malang in his introductory video:

SPLSG – Introduction of the Initiator & Founding Partner

Jörg has extensive professional experience. Mainly in product management and general management in small to larger organizations as the chart below illustrates it.

Jörg Malang Professional Portfolio - graphical overview
Portfolio Jörg Malang