Home for Product Management – who are we?

Belonging to Product Management, the SPLSG is highly attractive to me. The Senior Product Leadership Group is a Network of Product Leaders who want to define, build, launch and operate products successfully.

The SPLSG Brand House – Our Brand Identity

The SPLSG Brand House

Acceptance criteria for SPLSG Members

Needed qualification to be selected as SPLSG member

Product Leaders typically are professionals with significant experience in Product Management roles like the following:

  • (Senior) Product Owner
  • (Senior) Product Manager
  • Head of Product
  • Product Development Manager
  • Product Marketing Manager
  • Other Product related roles (e.g. Head of IT could also be a Product Leader for SPLSG, depending on his/her concrete role.)

The most important aspect for the SPLSG Member selection process is the fact that the current or future Senior Product Leader wants to take “Product” in his/her context to the “next level”. The job title can only be an indication of the factual role – there is so much confusion about what job titles really mean (and what not).

Our Members would typically face challenges with getting traction inside their respective contexts and want to spark change. Change explicitly also includes challenging oneself and growing as a Product Leader.

There are three “levels” of Contributors: Partners, Members & Associates.

SPLSG Partners

SPLSG Partners inspire, operate, and lead the Group. In the future, we expect to have three to five SPLSG Partners on board. More here.

SPLSG Members

SPLSG Members contribute to the Group but also profit from insights, exchange, and networking opportunities. We believe that there are some 500,000 – 1,000,000 people globally who would qualify as SPLSG Members. We expect to have thousands of SPLSG Members on board during the next years. More here.

SPLSG Associates = Members of the LinkedIn Group

This is the first level of being engaged with SPLSG. Anyone interested can join the LinkedIn Group here. There is no hurdle to join the LinkedIn Group.