Jörg Malang – The Owner of SPLSG

Jörg Malang
Jörg Malang

Jörg Malang got the idea to set up to set up the “Senior Product Leadership Group (SPLSG)” many years ago. The SPLSG vision is:

“Every organization defines, builds, launches & operates its product(s) successfully.” 

As a result, Product Leaders need to have a forum where they can inspire each other, a place where they can learn fundamental basics around General Management and Leadership. Even more, Jörg was encouraged to initiate this Group by multiple Product Professionals who wanted to join the SPLSG Mission.

“Enable Senior Product Leaders to define, build, launch,
and operate products in the best possible way.”

Jörg has extensive professional experience from various companies:

➢ Worked successfully for many years as CPO and CxO of companies of different sizes and maturity stages.
20+ years of increasing leadership responsibility (up to 250 employees) & general management.
➢ Demonstrable strong P&L and commercial experience as CEO/Managing Director.
➢ Delivered results in digital positions with companies of one founder to 100,000 employees in multiple industries.
➢ Expert with a proven track record in B2C and B2B agile digital product leadership & innovation (product strategy – agile ways of working – product delivery).
➢ Acquired strategic competence with an HEC Paris School of Management Executive MBA (ranked #1 globally in 2019 by Financial Times).
➢ Ability to quickly understand a new context in complex environments and to deliver relevant results fast.