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A Product Group is the best place to grow. The Senior Product Leadership Group (SPLSG) is a group of professionals. You should certainly consider us.

Become a member! Our members profit from the following benefits:

  • Firstly, we don’t accept all applications.
  • However, all those who qualify as current and future Product Leaders will be admitted. More about qualification criteria for SPLSG Applicants here.
  • Participate free of charge in the monthly Product Leader Roundtable Webinar hosted by Jörg Malang. More details here.
  • Get access to SPLSG members.
  • Speak with SPLSG partners.
  • Read SPLSG exclusive content and attend SPLSG exclusive events.
  • Get your personal email address (e.g. to be used for our exclusive Slack workspace).
  • Personal brand value.
  • More benefits are displayed here.

Most importantly, the SPLSG membership doesn’t cost you anything. Therefore, apply now by clicking the button below!

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SPLSG members come from all over the globe.