Leading without product background

Leading without product background can be a challenge. More so if you are leading a product company or a product department.

You are at the helm or hold a Senior Role in a “product company”? Congratulations!

You don’t know what a “product company” is? Well, a “product company” is a company where technology and customer focus plays a major role. You would typically have a high share of R&D costs in such a company and a high dependency of commercial success on definition and delivery on your product roadmap.

What if you need to inspire and lead employees who are dealing with Product related topics and don’t really know how to speak their language? How will you motivate them? How can you ensure you can trust your product development?

SPLSG partners have experienced both worlds: The “product” world and the “company” world. Jörg Malang is a good example for this.

If you are leading product companies without product background, this Company Service might be the right one for you. Book your chat with an SPLSG Partner here now!