Digital Transformation – Companies Become Product Company

Digital Transformation is a very fashionable topic. Many organizations are asking themselves how to deal with the “technology challenge.” They realize that there is a need for change.

SPLSG would argue that many of those discussions start at the wrong point. It does NOT start with technology. Also, the urgent need for change is NOT triggered by IT. In other words, it is triggered by a change in customer behavior. Most importantly, customers have changed their expectations.

Above all, the starting point must be your customers. What is their customer journey? Where are their pain points in that journey? How are you planning to address them? This is the nucleus of your digital transformation program. The point to start with.

In parallel, we recommend to take the bird’s eye view as well. You need to understand the impact on your business model holistically to define your target picture.

Finally, you will need to define the path towards your target picture. There will be many “swim lanes” that need to be worked on in parallel. In other words, you define your implementation strategy. We believe Kotter has created a great framework for the program management of such a big and demanding project for companies. Please feel free to read more here.

SPLSG partners and SPLSG members support you with both workstreams. Certainly, they are experts in getting the value proposition for customers right (= traditional product management). At the same time, they are able to embrace the larger organizational context as they understand your challenges around general management and have the leadership capabilities to make the change happen (=product leadership).

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