Consulting for product companies of all sizes

Consulting for product companies of all sizes includes the following disciplines:

  • Business Strategy in the context of Product Strategy. Understanding the technical capabilities of your organization is an integral part of this.
  • Organizational capabilities to deliver value to your shareholders and customers. In addition to that to drive long-term employee loyalty.
  • Finally not to forget innovation.
Consulting is enabling product companies

Product strategy and business strategy are interdependent. Especially in so-called “product companies.”

For instance, a product company invests a large share of the P&L in IT and product. Such a company depends a lot on product roadmaps, technical talent, etc. Consulting for product companies embraces that.

The SPLSG initiator and founding partner Jörg Malang is there to help you assess your capabilities as a product company.

In a case you are interested, please reach out to us here to discuss more!