Getting out of the IT Box as Product Leader – Training 001

Getting out of the IT Box as Product Leader

  • Trainer: Jörg Malang (Initiator & Founding Partner SPLSG)
  • Target Group: This training is for Product Leaders with concrete experience in positions who are visible outside Product Development. Those depend on successful interactions outside the product & IT departments. Therefore, they need to expose themselves to a broader audience and influence their outside perception.
  • Training Goals: 
  • Getting out of the IT Box – what does this entail?
  • Understand how organizations work.
  • Understand the common language.
  • Exercise real-world situations in role plays.
  • Share knowledge among the participants.
  • Duration: 09.00 – 17.00 incl. one hour lunch break, drinks and snacks

Dates & Locations

Barcelona, Tue, Feb 26th 2019

Berlin, Tue, Mar 19th 2019

London, Tue, Apr 9th 2019

Malta, Tue, Apr 30th 2019

Munich, Tue, May 14th 2019