Chief Product Officer – Coaching/Mentoring Sessions

Chief Product Officer for many years. For me, it is now time for offering personal Coaching/Mentoring Sessions to our Members at a reasonable price.

“Sometimes it feels like wanting to give something back to the community after having been Chief Product Officer, Managing Director and CEO for years. I have worked together with dozens and dozens of Product Managers throughout my career. Many of them have similar challenges. I am more than happy to help. Ideally in a relaxed but focused setting. In old times I used to teach guitar lessons for many years. Perhaps a good thing to remember? Please feel free to reach out…”

Jörg Malang
Jörg Malang

Are you considering to have an initial chat? I am more than happy to spend some quality time with you. Only those who dare, win!

This is how it works:

  • Your first briefing session is a maximum of 30 minutes long
  • To ensure the quality of your first briefing session, you are requested to pay 25 EURO plus German VAT via Paypal upfront.
  • Upon payment, Jörg will contact you to arrange a date & time for your first briefing session
  • The main goal is to get to know each other & identify areas to work on
  • All the following sessions and their pricing will be agreed upon individually. The final price will depend on topics, frequency, duration, preparation time needed, etc.
  • Typical rate per hour: Between 100 and 250 EURO plus German VAT
  • Please find Jorg’s profile here.

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