Product Coaching – Help our Members excel

Product Coaching is something that isn’t very common. However, everyone knows about Business and Executive Coaching. In contrast, SPLSG starts from a Product Management angle. Individual coaching and mentoring are an essential Service for our SPLSG Members. That is why only SPLSG Partners are doing Coaching/Mentoring.

Also consider our Training Program you can find here.

Topics for our Coaching are related to Product Management. Typically teaching how to navigate in corporate environments. For instance:

  • Can I convince my Line Manager to build a UX Team?
  • Helping my organization become more customer-centric.
  • How can I explain to the Board that Product Management is more IT?
  • I have a conflict with the CMO in my organization. However, how do I come to an agreement?
  • Etc.

Interestingly, Coaching and Mentoring can get really close, especially in the Product Management area. Product Management as a function is a lot about Leadership and General Management, therefore Mentoring almost automatically becomes Coaching.

If you are interested in booking your personal online session, please book one of our Partners.

Jörg Malang
Jörg Malang

Jörg Malang (20+ years of professional experience inside & outside Product Management. Our Founding Partner holds an Executive MBA from HEC Paris. He is passionate about building teams and how to make them work.)

Product Coaching is at Jörg’s heart.

Coaching/Mentoring with other SPLSG Partners. It always depends on your concrete requirement and the “chemistry.” This is why our Members should have a broad choice between different options. SPLSG can help put you in contact with the right person.