Covid-19 – How does Home Office affect Product Leadership?

covid-19 and home office
Home office under Covid-19 threat

In times of covid-19 home office and product leadership does not always go together very well. After some two weeks of supporting my current client remotely, I can summarize my impressions as follows:

  • Going from one meeting to the next has become tougher as you can’t stand up and walk to the meeting room. There are days now where I walk less than 2,000 steps!
  • Larger meetings tend to be less productive.
  • Unfortunately, not everyone can always use video.
  • Co-creation has become almost impossible.
  • Work is generally more dreading than usual.
  • On the other hand, there is more time where one can focus on thinking without being disturbed.

What do you think? How does the home office affect your product leadership? Please vote now!

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