Invitation-only Event – Selected Product Leaders Define the Topics – Berlin 03/06 09:00-16:00

Berlin, May 3rd, 2019

For the first time in Berlin, the Senior Product Management Leadership Group opens an invitation-only round table to experienced Product Leaders for learning and networking.

Product Leaders Among Themselves in Berlin

Similarly to a Bootcamp, the attendees will bring in advance topics. The list of topics will be prioritized upfront by the attendees and facilitated by Jörg Malang (Initiator & founding partner of Senior Product Leadership Group SPLSG).

Two topics have been identified already and will be covered in any case:

  • Perception of product management organizations and how to influence it
  • Innovation vs optimization – product management organizations juggling between unknown and safety
Jörg Malang, Facilitator & Host of the first Roundtable

Only attendees in an actual product leadership position qualify and only a restricted number of applicants will be selected based on their experience and potential contribution. By applying to this round table, your name will be included into an initial list, we will reach you ASAP to communicate the acceptance or rejection.

Jörg Malang says: “This is a unique opportunity to join and shape the only product leadership initiative in Berlin. We believe this helps our community to grow and reinforce in the years to come.”

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