Consulting for Product Companies – An Unknown Discipline? (4/6 Company Services)

Everyone knows what consulting is. Everyone knows what a company is. But how about being a product company? And what type of consultancy is needed if you are a product company? Based on the assessment of the maturity of your company as a product company (more details see here), you might realize that you need support. If you don’t know what a product company is, please read more here.

  • Defining your business and product strategy
  • Assessing your current (not only technical) capabilities and defining a plan of how to get to the desired target capability level
  • Becoming/remaining open to change, innovation, etc.

SPLSG offers this company service to companies who want to realize their potential as product companies. Those companies don’t profit as much from standard consultancy as they heavily depend on product and technology. They need a product leadership approach to their strategy and strategy implementation.

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