Ambassadors to Spread the Word about SPLSG

Ambassadors are a special category of SPLSG members. They are not only SPLSG members, but also are actively pushing the vision and mission of the group and want to contribute by doing some of the following:

  1. Represent SPLSG in their respective local area.
  2. Promote SPLSG events.
  3. Challenge/support SPLSG partners from content & organizational perspective.
  4. Contact & convince product leaders to join SPLSG as members.

SPLSG ambassadors are early adopters of the concept and vital for the success of our network. Read more here!

We are super excited to welcome Luca Criscuolo as our first ambassador. He joined SPLSG on February 12th and will be representing SPLSG in Berlin.

Luca Criscuolo SPLSG Ambassador
Luca Criscuolo,
SPLSG Ambassador Berlin

Luca is a product leader, speaker, and consultant helping tech companies to establish solid product management assets. In his last position at Outfittery, Luca initiated and led the company transformation into a cross-functional and product-centric organization. Being in the tech space for more than 15 years, Luca served as a senior product leader in many digital markets as fashion, location-based services, ad tech and 3Dvisualization in start-ups and corporates. He currently focuses on cross-functional leadership, roadmapping and mission teams with a clear focus: solve complex business problems. Luca holds a Ph.D. in a top-5 climate research institute and speaks five languages. Learn more here.

Please join us in welcoming Luca to SPLSG 🙂 and feel free to contact him directly.