Product Definitely is a Priority for Management – Interview with New SPLSG Member Ricarda Hohn

Ricarda Hohn
Ricarda Hohn

Please join us welcoming Ricarda Hohn as SPLSG member. She joined SPLSG in February 2019. We have asked her for an introduction based on an interview. Enjoy reading!

  • What is a product leader for you?

As a product / product portfolio leader I understand myself as someone who is having the product ownership (according to Scrum Framework).

A product leader is also a product’s stakeholder representative: Listening to different user groups and the market feedback.

And finally a product leader is someone who actively interacts and pulls in dev team expertise.

  • Do you consider yourself a product leader? Why/why not?

As a Product Owner for two of our business applications and someone who builds specific product solutions for customers, I definitely see myself as a product leader.

  • What are the biggest challenges/pains as a product leader from your point of view?

Finding the right organization, balancing innovation and planning/structure, communication, strong interface position, teaming, team expertise, building a product organization, having all stakeholders on the same pages.

  • How did you get to know about SPLSG?

I have been knowing Jörg for a few years now and got to know him in my first career step. Since then following his path.

  • Why have you become member of SPLSG?

For me, networks are more powerful than anything else. In the current company setting, it is important to learn from others in order to build a real product organization.  I want to learn and group with other product managers and leaders. Furthermore, I want to develop my leadership capabilities and group with inspiring leaders.

  • Where do you see the product management function in 3-5 years from now?

I think organizations with strong products need to orchestrate according to their products and build a real product organization. Therefore, product management definitely is a priority for management.