General Management Training for Product Leaders – Why?

General management training for product leaders – I am sure many product managers don’t automatically get excited when thinking about it. However, please think twice about it!

“Mini-MBA” training for product leaders

Typically making a product company successful requires influence on what is being built and how it is being built. The SPLSG vision “every company defines, builds, launches and operates products successfully” needs to come to live. The starting point will be to get alignment with the CEO and the C-Level Executives regarding company strategy and its implementation. Therefore, it is massively helpful to understand how a company operates and “ticks” from a CEO point of view. And a CEO is by definition a general manager.

Understanding his/her view, but also putting yourself into the shoes of other C-Level Executives is only partly achieved with empathy. In contrast, there are also additional hurdles that are grounded in functional expertise. At the end of the day, the biggest question is how to gain authority outside the area of own functional expertise. This is exactly the same challenge a general manager would face. He/she needs to be able to influence his/her organization without being an expert.

Typically you would need specific experience and/or education to become more knowledgeable. However, no one will need to become an expert. Just enough to be able to challenge a CFO or a CMO. MBAs try to close this gap. They offer different formats to learn enough about strategy, strategy implementation, and the different functions to have a solid framework to steer a business.

I would argue, this might be an overkill for a product leader. What if there were a training that would teach only the essentials that are really relevant for product leaders? In case you are interested in more, you should keep reading.

Trainer Jörg Malang – General Management for Product Leaders

Jörg Malang
Jörg Malang, Initiator & founding partner SPLSG

The SPLSG initiator and founding partner Jörg Malang is running this three-day training on the sunny island of Malta. From Friday to Sunday product leaders will get trained with the essence of general management that is 100% relevant to fulfill their roles as product leaders.

Jörg has more than 20 years of professional experiences incl C-Suite and CEO and he holds an MBA from one of the leading business schools globally (HEC Paris). The unique combination of practical and theoretical expertise makes him the perfect trainer for this course.

General Management training for product leaders – please read more here. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Jörg also directly anytime in case you need a more personal feedback or advice.