Group Brand – SPLSG Brand House

The group brand has been defined in early 2019 before even starting any website conception nor any marketing communication. For the SPLSG initiator Jörg Malang the brand plays a big role in everything an organization does. It is not about big branding budgets. In contrast, it is the essence of why SPLSG exists. To clarify, it is SPLSG in a nutshell.

Starting from who this group is for, to displaying what SPLSG is doing for their target group to the reason why SPLSG is going to keep the brand promise.

Brand House SPLSG - graphical overview
Brand House of SPLSG

In addition to that, please feel free to watch the same graph in our video below.

The SPLSG Brand House as Video

Because the brand is central to the emotional perception of SPLSG, we are keen on understanding how you feel and think about it? Please feel invited to post comments to this post or please send us an Email.

The Senior Product Leadership Group Brand – This topic is close to the heart of the SPLSG initiator as well. Therefore Jörg is more than happy to jump on a call to have a chat with you. Please book your 15 minutes via this link. Thank you!