Product and IT – Product Management needs to go far beyond!

Product and IT – a love-hate relationship? Well, the answer to this question really depends on who you ask. I would argue that there are many product managers out there who’s comfort zone is technology. And outside product management, you will find a lot of senior executives for whom it doesn’t really matter if “product” or “IT” as long as their desired features get delivered in scope, on budget and on time.

Jörg Malang – Your Trainer for “Getting out of the IT Box”

Jörg Malang
Jörg Malang

In my long career as a senior product leader, it mattered to me a lot. This is not always a very healthy tension. I am talking about the tension between the overarching ambition to have an influence on “business” and the overall direction of the company and the obligation to be head down and simply deliver.

To be frank: A great product leader needs to be capable of doing both. Nitty-gritty detail work and then being able to challenge the Board regarding the company strategy. If the product leader isn’t up for this – who else? If there is someone else doing this, then this person might be the factual product leader and not you. Even worse, if there is a person doing this without knowing what it means to be a “product company” you as a product leader should be sued to not speak up because this is causing damage to the company.

The SPLSG training “Getting out of the IT Box” is for those product people out there who need to expose themselves to a broader audience and influence their outside perception. I am running this training myself. It is a topic very close to my heart.

We will talk about what getting out of the IT box really means and why it is so important to learn to speak the right language and to not let go. The attendees will get a deeper understanding of how organizations work. But we will also do some role play and dive deeper into concrete practical examples. Finally, it is supposed to be a starting point for the regular exchange of the attendees.

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