Product Manager Coaching – if 1:1s aren’t sufficient

The problem

Product Manager Coaching – is this something I as a product leader need? Well, it depends. The most important question to ask yourself is: What is the role of your line manager in your very specific situation? As Marty Cagan points out in his article “Coaching Tools – The One on One” about 1:1s, they are a central part of the growth as a product leader in their career.

“If you’re a PM, and you have not been receiving this type of ongoing, intense coaching, then I hope you’ll bring this note to your manager, and see if he or she would be willing to invest the time to help you reach your potential.”

But what if this isn’t the case? You might argue that then the product manager is free to walk away from this manager or even this company. But here comes the challenge: Especially in Europe, you will have a relatively hard time to find true product companies and true product leaders as your manager.

How SPLSG is different

This is where SPLSG coaching for product leaders starts. In situations where the existing context doesn’t provide enough support, the SPLSG partners are there to help. Focus is basically on the following aspects:

  • Increasing awareness of the personal situation
  • Understanding the broader organizational context the product leader is in
  • Improving leadership skills especially in situations where the product leader doesn’t have any formal authority
  • Extending the fundamental understanding of general management and how the different functions create value for the business

However, it is very important for SPLSG to focus on the specific needs of a product leader. Making it as concrete and relevant as possible for anyone in a product related role is key. This also differentiates SPLSG coaches from any other coaches.

Next steps – first five coachees get a free of charge session

In case you are interested in hearing more, please read here or directly reach out via Email.

PS: The first five coachees will get a 45 minute session free of charge with our initiator and founding partner Jörg Malang.