Product Manager Training in Berlin, Barcelona, etc.

Product manager training in Berlin and others! SPLSG is focusing a lot on offering training to its members. Also, Non-SPLSG members are welcome on request in specific cases. You will find more about the overarching SPLSG event concept here.

We are offering training for product leaders throughout Europe. During the months to come, there have been training packages organized in the following cities:

Barcelona, Berlin, London, Malta, and Munich

What makes our training program stand out, is the focus on “horizontal” skills and abilities.  The following picture illustrates this very well:

SPLSG focus areas

We are also happy to provide you with some individual coaching to find out what type of training might be the best for you. We are looking forward to welcoming you to one of our training events very soon!

To give you some orientation, we have created to following pages for you:

PS: Beware that the early bird ticket sale for the training packages offered in Barcelona have more or less already closed. But if you are able to come to Berlin?  We still offer early bird tickets for the training packages. Please note that you will need to hurry as early bird sales end very soon!

Please send us an Email.