Challenges as Product Manager – Video

There are multiple challenges as a product manager or as a product leader. Please watch the SPLSG video below and understand more about product leaders in general. In addition to that, understand better their pains and challenges. Finally, what experienced experts would recommend to aspiring product leaders.

Thank you to the following interviewees. You have taken your time for your interview with our initiator and founding partner Jörg Malang. Above all, you all are happy with us sharing your thoughts publicly:

Paul Bello – Consultant in Strategy, Product and Service Innovation

William Gill – Head of Product

Vlad Kaltenicks – Global Director of Data & Analytics

Holger Kretzschmar – Team Product Development

Chand Malu – Head of Product Management
Pinion Digital GmbH/fromAtoB

Giulia Nobile – Product Manager

Wolfgang Tittmann – Customer and User Experience Consultant

Challenges as a product manager – what is your view? Are you interested in being featured here as expert as well? We are more than happy to hear your thoughts. Please reach out at any time here if you wish to contribute. Or if you would like to have a chat.

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